30 July 2017

Getting caught up in social media

This short video shows how we center ourlives around making our life look perfect on…
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31 October 2016

First Hijab Fashion Show at New York Fashion Week – Hooray for tolerance!

I was super proud to read a story about Indonesian fashion designer Anniesa Hasibuan being the…
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23 February 2012

Do we have to follow the Sunnah (Hadith) of the Prophet?

Until recently, I had thought that all Muslims follow the Quran as the primary source…
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1 October 2011

Say Hawqala: “There is no power or strength except with Allah.”

The Hawqala is short form of saying la hawla wa la quwwata illa billah (Arabic "لا حول…
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27 July 2011

Misunderstandings on permissible killings

Nowadays when someone wants to attack Islam, there's a few theories that will always come…
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27 June 2011

Hamza Yusuf: Islamic beliefs on violence

This short but powerful speech by Hamza Yusuf covers important points Muslims and non-Muslims should…
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