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Hamza Yusuf: Islamic beliefs on violence

This short but powerful speech by Hamza Yusuf covers important points Muslims and non-Muslims should know about Islam and our view on oppression, killing innocents and violence towards other faiths.

Key points covered:

  • A handful of extremists do not represent Muslims everywhere, and Muslims needs to unite to condemn these evil actions
  • We must reject indiscriminate violence against innocents (such as on events like 9/11); this is something Muslims never believe in nowhere in the Quran or Sunnah is this allowed
  • Allah says that anyone who kills a soul without a just cause, it’s as though he killed all of humanity (Surah Al Maidah, Verse 32)
  • An eye for an eye will not work; just because they kill Muslim civilians doesn’t make it okay for us to go and kill their civilians
  • We have been warned of extremism as Muslims; to be tolerant of others and not be extreme and harsh in our beliefs and how we deal with others
  • Extremism is what destroyed nations/people before us
  • There are bigger problems in the world such as AIDS, yet the US will spend a huge amount on it’s defense budget whilst ignoring these bigger problems
  • Islam is not the only religion that suffers from extremism
  • Pat Buchanan said: If this government thinks they can wage war on Islam like we waged on war on fascism etc, they have another thing coming. Islam has been here 1400 years and has proved itself indestructible.
  • Islam has given too much to civilization for them to be accused and abused by those who wish nothing but harm for the USA
  • Hamza Yusuf believes the Palestinian issue needs recognized as the festering sore on the body of this planet
  • Muslims don’t hold ill wishes for Jews since they are from the same Prophetic line as us
  • The Quran repeatedly says to show patience since that is better for us
  • Prophet Muhammad forbade the killing of women and children
  • Muslims with one voice need to reject the evil being done in Islam’s name

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